Until now Jalikebba has produced nine, mostly very successful musical albums (that are not represented here as such). Please contact him for detailed information on his musical releases. Here below you find an updated compilation of some musical demos, outtakes, concert bootlegs and music his provided by internet services as Soundcloud*, Google Inc. YouTube and the Internet Archive * [Connect!]

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NEW:  January 2022

November 2021: Four current songs his (here in original playback speed)

Homepage Welcome Tracks from Autumn 2020:

2020 Allake-Mix

August 2018:

Session with Kalilu Kanuteh, Arba Manillah, Shaun Gracie and Thomas Campbell Tyler-Williams at the Good Moods Studio, Leipzig 2020

Sanu – the Afrikora Trio at the Sesiones del Sur, February 2020, Leipzig/Germany (musicians: Ralf Leonhardt – bass, Isaías Lubo – violin, Kay Rost – percussion, Diego Villa – percussion, Mauricio Vivas – accordeon and Christian Walter – flute).

Jalikebba with the Polish Ensemble AFROTUBA and Natalia Dorota Lubrano and Victor Golc live at Wrocław, Poland, October 2019 (video bootleg excerpt – many thanks!)

Bootlegs from the 1st Intercultural Afrika-Festival 1000 Drums at the Cultural Factory WERK 2 Leipzig, from July 2019: Jalikebba & Afrikora / Wontanará with Jalikebba





Bootleg from a concert at the Cultural Isle BasaMo at Leipzig in 2018,
together with Sam & Roots-/Reggae-Manding


Jalikebba at YouTube.com (thanks to Staffana Konzius for hosting these tracks)

Jalikebba at Soundcloud.com


(Thanks to Jan Rösel, Düsseldorf/Germany, for this particular recording)

Four (!) Recordings with Pappajan & The Musicdoctor from Nijmegen / The Netherlands:

Last not least: Jalikebba and the TOUBABS, at the Internet Archive.
The Toubabs
 (!) present a CD featuring the African kora and incorporating elements of Swedish folk music and the Indian tabla…

Thank you for listening! You might watch video clips of Jalikebba’s musical performances here

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