Until now Jalikebba has produced nine, mostly very successful musical albums. Please contact him for detailed information on his musical releases. Here below you find a compilation of some musical demos, outtakes, concert bootlegs and music his provided by internet services as SoundCloud, Google Inc. YouTube and the Internet Archive…

2020 Allake-Mix

August 2018

Bootlegs from the 1st Intercultural Afrika-Festival 1000 Drums at the Cultural Factory WERK 2 Leipzig, from July 2019: Jalikebba & Afrikora / Wontanará with Jalikebba

Bootleg from a concert at the Cultural Isle BasaMo at Leipzig in 2018

Jalikebba at Soundcloud.com

Jalikebba at YouTube.com

Last not least: Jalikebba and the Toubabs at the Internet Archive

Thank you for listening!

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