Jalikebba’s 9th musical album »Caira«

STILL: Jalikebba’s latest, ninth musical album »Caira« is available! It presents the six tracks: Allake, Gambia, Kairo, Mamma, Tamala and FGM and can be purchased at Jalikebba’s concerts or by international (!) mail-order: all interested friends of his special music and Musical distributors are welcomed to contact Jalikebba for this directly… You may receive a digital promotional copy (CD/MP3/WAV) of CAIRA also at BandCamp.com soon…

JANUARY 19th, 2022: Jalikebba’s new official SoundCloud music profile can be found here:

Jalikebba Kuyateh · Caira —four songs of six (4/6) from the original album compact disc

Upcoming Concerts and Events:

The artists seeks to apply for African Festivals, concerts in general, concert recordings in Germany, Europe and World for the years 2022, 2023 and beyond – please contact Mister Kuyateh on this directly without hesitation, as you will not regret it…

Watch out for Jalikebba’s upcoming concert dates at festivals in Europe 2022… More detailled information and announcements here soon in time, please visit this page again for updates. Don’t miss the current Artist and his Ensemble!




IN JUNE 2022, Jalikebba will stay for some weeks in his home country The Gambia for private and professional reasons… Have a good flight, be safe on all your travels! … Having returned, later in Summer and Autumn, he and his ensembles will attend several European music festivals as promised.



On the evening of Saturday, June 11th, at the public Observatory Sternwarte Dresden-Radebeul, the Afrikora trio will grant another concert, this time accompanying a silent movie for all guests. Don’t be late, don’t miss: »Traumfabrik – Musik, Wein und Sommerkino [Amundsen – Wettlauf zum Südpol]« – together with the Radebeul Cultural association, starting 8pm…


MAY 26th, 2022: Concert at the friendly African-Music Club KAYA in Leipzig, Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße 38, about 8–10pm:


On May, 6th, 2022, Jalikebba attended a work meeting with the Gambian Kora player and singer Sona Jobarteh at Bad Lauchstädt, during her 2022 concert tour in Germany:


* back in time *


JANUARY 2022 AND NOVEMBER 2021: New musical sounds here!



End of October 2021: Currently, and for the next weeks and months Jalikebba resides at his home in The Gambia. Before he had travelled to the Belgium; in September he and his ensemble Afrikora gave concerts at The Netherlands…  You may always consult his social-media Facebook profile for new announcements!

(Note from WINTER/SPRING 2021:) Currently, as second so-called lockdown Covid19-quarantine orders prohibiting–for sake of common health–public concerts and performances in clubs so at Leipzig/Germany, the artist continues his studies and compositions for the Kora meanwhile—his best wishes to all of you, friends and listeners of his music and your families and friends… Before, at the end of 2020, Jalikebba stayed for some weeks in The Gambia

TWO Musical Videos by Jalikebba & Friends / Afrikora (Jalikebba’s current adaptions of the classical songs Sutukung and Cheddo) had been recorded here at his German residence Leipzig:

(MORE, detailed Information so on upcoming concerts of Jalikebba and his ensembles is provided at this page… You may visit this place again or follow the artist at his social media channel to receive updates: announcements for his next public performances in concert.)

More information here soon…

(You may click on the headlines or images below
to receive closer information on the concert events.)

Kenako-Festival Berlin, Alexanderplatz, Saturday, 8-14-2021, at 3pm two-hour concert — meet the artist there! The Kenako Festival itself (this year’s topic: Medicine and Health in Africa) durated from 8-12-2021 to 8-21-2021.

Saturday, 9-26-2020, and Sunday, 9-27-2020,
Concerts at Radebeul near Dresden/Germany

Monday, 9-21-2020, Concert at the Festival Etno Brzmienia
at the Cultural Center of Jelcz-Laskowice, Republic Poland:

(2019 concert video clip here)

Friday, 9-18-2020, Concert at the 2nd Intercultural Africa Festival »1000 Drums« in Leipzig (Festwiese, from 11 o’clock on)

(Video clip from the 2019 festival)

Saturday, 9-12-2020, Concert at Dortmund/Germany  – postponed! … more information here soon!

Saturday, 9-6-2020, Concert at the Festival Folklorum,
annual Turisedean Festivity at Einsiedel:

Saturday, 8-22-2020, Concert at Leipzig/Germany

Saturday, 7-18-2020, Concert at the Leipzig Peace Dance Festival

Concert video

Saturday, 7-4-2020, Concert at the Ost-Passage Theater Leipzig: Sesiones del Sur #15


Saturday, 2-29-2020, Concert at Frankfurt am Main: Cultural Night & Gambia Independence Celebration

Thursday, 2-19-2020, Concert at the Kulturapotheke Leipzig: Sesiones del Sur #12

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